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Women and Blood Clots: Access Life-Saving Information to Share

The National Blood Clot Alliance created the following resources to share crucial information with young women who may be making important, first-time choices about birth control and to educate women about the potential blood clot risks associated with estrogen-based birth control, as well as their options for birth control.

This program includes the following tools and life-saving information:

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Program Overview

A Brief Program Overview
This is a one-page description of our Women and Blood Clots Program.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Tool
This one-page risk assessment will help to identify blood clot risks among women considering hormonal contraception.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet
This one-page fact sheet provides important information about estrogen-based birth control and blood clots.

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources
Find out more information about women and blood clots, including online community support.

For More Information About Blood Clots, Visit:

The National Blood Clot Alliance

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